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Englewood Cliffs Graduation Party 09-06-19
Paige`s Graduation Party 09-06-20
Michelle`s Sweet Sixteen 09-07-11
Dyana and Vinnie`s Wedding 09-08-08
Amy and Billy`s Wedding 09-08-28
Sheryl and Erics`s Wedding 09-09-12
Vezaida and Frank`s Wedding 09-09-20
Justin and Rebecca`s Wedding 09-09-25
Rola and David`s Wedding 09-10-03
Justin and Chrissy`s Wedding 09-11-13
The Nolan`s Holiday Party 10-01-09
Teen Canteen 10-01-22
Eisenhower`s Winter Wonderland Dance 10-01-29
Kyiana`s Quince 10-02-20
River Dell Senior Social 10-02-22
Adam`s 30th Birthday 10-02-28
Teen Canteen 10-03-19
Natalie and Dave`s Wedding 10-03-20
Megan and Morgan`s Wedding 10-04-09
Irene and Mark`s Wedding 10-04-18
Roy and Cheryl`s Wedding 10-05-22
MJRC Prom 10-05-30
Christin and Stephen`s Wedding 10-06-05
Chabad Israel Center Cruise 10-06-08
Washington School Graduation 10-06-18
Nick`s 33rd Birthday 10-06-19
Eisenower Middle School 8th Grade Promotion Party 10-06-22
Mt. Hebron Middle School Graduation Party 10-06-23
ETA Retirement Dinner 10-06-24
Jordan`s Sweet 16 10-06-26
Bobby and Tami`s Wedding 10-07-17
Melissa`s Sweet 16 10-07-31
Melissa and Allan`s Wedding 10-08-07
Helen and Matt`s Wedding 10-08-21
Matt and Bin`s Wedding 10-08-22
Joey`s First Birthday 10-09-18
Jill and Dave`s Wedding 10-09-25
Monica and Tony`s Wedding 10-10-02
Sarah`s Sweet Sixteen 10-10-09
Leann and Joe`s Wedding 10-10-10
Ewing High Class of `89 Reunion 10-10-16
Talia`s Bat Mitzvah 10-10-16
Francesca`s Sweet Sixteen 10-10-30
Zach and Kristin`s Wedding 10-11-4
Regina and Peachy`s Wedding 10-11-13
Rosemary and Jim`s Wedding 10-11-20
Cristina`s Sweet Sixteen 10-11-27
Ewing High Class of 1980 Reunion 10-11-27
The Nolan`s Christmas Party 10-12-18
Lindsey and Kevin`s Wedding 10-12-31
Jenny and Brian`s Wedding 11-01-08
Sheri`s 40th Birthday 11-01-15
Leana`s Sweet Sixteen 11-01-16
Eisenhower Middle School 8th Grade Dance 11-01-28
Heather and Conor`s Wedding 11-02-12
Conrado`s 49th Birthday 11-02-19
Wayside Technology Group 11-03-10
Samantha`s Sweet Sixteen 11-04-02
Janice and Rich`s Wedding 11-04-16
Christopher and Denise`s Wedding 11-04-30
Oak Knoll School Reunion 11-04-30
Jackie and Craig`s Wedding 11-05-14
Megan and Chris`s Wedding 11-05-07
Cheryl and Kinard`s wedding 11-05-14
Belev Echad Cruise 11-05-22
D and S Wedding 11-05-20
Jamie and Jeff`s Wedding 11-05-21
Lighthouse Planning Luncheon 11-05-21
Lincoln Park Family Fun Night 11-05-20
Teaneck High School Senior Prom 11-06-01
Michael`s Graduation Party 11-06-11
Maryann and John`s Wedding 11-06-11
ETA Retirement Dinner 11-06-14
Henry Hudson Regional Class of 2011 11-06-17
Shannon`s Graduation Party 11-06-18
Mount Hebron Class of 2011 11-06-22
Lidia`s Graduation 11-06-25
Meadow Wood Manor Wedding 11-06-25
Karissa and Justin`s Wedding 11-07-02
Irina and Wayne`s Wedding 11-07-10
Lorna`s 60th Birthday 11-07-09
Lainey and Mike`s Wedding 11-07-09
Dave and Tara`s Wedding 11-07-16
Frankie and Jenny`s Wedding 11-07-16
Lynn and Kevin`s Wedding 11-08-05
Larissa and Mike`s Wedding 11-08-13
Angie and Bill`s Wedding 11-09-02
Heather and Dave`s Wedding 11-09-09
Marianne and Sean`s Wedding 11-09-10
Joey`s 25th Birthday 11-09-11
Marina`s 13th Birthday 11-09-10
Tess`s Bat Mitzvah 11-09-17
Laura`s Sweet Sixteen 11-09-17
Kristen and William`s Wedding 11-09-18
Village School Family BBQ 11-09-17
Kevin and Michele`s Wedding 11-10-14
Matthew and Corrine`s Wedding 11-10-15
Nicole and Mark`s Wedding 11-10-21
Nick and Nikki`s Wedding 11-10-21
Daniel and Diane`s Wedding 11-10-29
Jenna`s Sweet Sixteen 11-11-12
James and Nadja`s Wedding 11-11-18
Ariel and Steven`s Wedding 11-11-20
Virtusa Holiday Party 11-12-16
Josh`s Bar Mitzvah 12-01-08
Perceptive Informatics Event 12-01-13
Kara and Minesh`s Wedding 12-01-15
Josh`s Bar Mitzvah 12-01-08
Perceptive Informatics Event 12-01-13
Julia`s Sweet Sixteen 12-01-20
Vanessa and Brianna`s Birthday 12-01-20
EMS 8th Grade Dance 12-02-03
Erin and Natalie`s Sweet Sixteen 12-02-11
Saudi`s Sweet Sixteen 12-02-11
Beijing Middle School 12-02-08
Tierney`s Sweet Sixteen 12-03-03
Sam`s Bar Mitzvah 12-03-17
Saudi`s Sweet Sixteen 12-03-16
Kyle and Stephanie`s Wedding 12-03-24
NewBridge Charity Event 12-03-29
Fair Lawn Fire Co #3 12-04-21
Oak Knoll School Reunion 12-04-28
Rocky and Cait`s Wedding 12-05-04
Brittany and Mark`s Wedding 12-05-12
Houlihan Lokey Office Party 12-05-10
Montclair Public Schools Retirement Dinner 12-05-15
Jackie and Tim`s Wedding 12-05-18
Steinert High School After Prom 12-05-18
Stephanie and Dan`s Wedding 12=05-20
Ali and Jordan`s Wedding 12-05-25
Union City Prom 12-05-24
Bedminster Middle School Dance 12-06-01
Jill and Christian`s Wedding 12-06-02

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